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Avoid the expensive brokerage fees and international delivery charges by shipping to SCC. Take advantage of all the great deals the US has to offer by registering for FREE today.

Located just minutes from the Blue Water Bridge, our facility is fully insured and equipped with 24/7 video surveillance. Shipping is made easy in a few simple steps:

  • Ship packages to: Your Name- SCC and our address.
  • Receive automatic E-Mail notification when package arrives.
  • Pickup your package at our secure facility.
Bluewater Bridge

SHIP: Letters, Packages, Pallets, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, Tires and Much More.

How package pickups works


for free

Create an online account an obtain your FREE US shipping address!  You will then receive an email confirmation explaining the next steps to your unlimited shopping possibilities. 



Now you can take advantage of all the great deals and free shipping the US has to offer.  When checking out use the following shipping address:

Your Name
2540 Lapeer Rd.
Port Huron, MI 48060 



Once your package has arrived at our secure location and has been checked in you will receive an email notification that your package is ready for pickup.  

Package Pickup

Pickup Your

Make sure to print your order receipt for declaring goods at the Canadian border.   You will have up to 30 days to pickup your package(s) at no additional charge.

Hours & store location

Talk To An Expert: (810) 985-7220
Email: [email protected]
Fax: (810) 985-9477
[Your Name]-SCC
2540 Lapeer Rd.
Port Huron, MI 48060

Store Hours:

Monday-Friday 9:00am-7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm
Sunday (December)

Holidays Observed 2019:

New Years Day: Jan 1st
Memorial Day: May 27th
Independence Day: July 4th
Labor Day: Sept 2nd
Thanksgiving: November 28th
Christmas: December 25th
Boxing Day: December 26th

Holiday Hours:

Christmas Eve 9am-4pm
New Years Eve 9am-5pm
Sundays in December 10am-2pm

Bridge Crossing Information:

Before you cross the Bridge, check out this site! lets you know what the traffic is like & the estimated wait times are.

Track a Package

Shipping Companies



US Currency Only
ALL Major Credit Cards are accepted (charges under $10 are subject to a surcharge of $1).

Standard Packages

Up to 75 lbs
We accept any parcel(s) delivered by UPS, USPS, FEDEX, & DHL.


100 lbs based on size
MUST be picked up within 7 days of the delivery date.

Vehicles & Boats

Cars, Trucks, and Boats
Please bring adequate help and vehicle to accommodate your larger shipments!


Indoor Storage
24/7 Video Surveillance With Temperature Controlled Storage.


When shipped individually.
When delivered by freight tires will be based on freight pricing.

Our Story

SCC Parcel Pickup is a second generation family owned and operated small business that was created with you in mind!

For more than 20 years we have provided our customers with the highest level of friendly, efficient and courteous service.

Each day we strive to deliver exceptional customer service with a personal touch. We believe in going the extra mile and making sure each customer feels like family. With having relatives in our own family relocate to Canada we knew we had to do something to change the international shipping experience.

SCC Parcel Pickup has now helped thousands of Canadian residents save time and money. When shipping to our facility you will have the peace of mind that your parcels are safe and secure at all times. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will be there for your support.

We set out to help our family and we have been so blessed to be able to help so many more in the process.

20 Years Experience


Without an account we will not have any information to contact you once your order has arrived at our facility. We would like to be able to notify you when your package has arrive in a timely manner.

If your package appears damaged once it has arrived, we will attempt to contact you immediately to see if you would like us to refuse the delivery.  If you choose to refuse the delivery you will then need to make a claim with the shipping company.

If your parcel is delivered damaged without any visible outer damage you will need to contact the supplier.

If your parcel is damaged after arriving at our location our insurance policy will cover your purchase(s).

We encourage all customers to inspect all parcels at our facility before departing.  Any damaged/missing item(s) concerns must be made at the time of your pickup.  SCC Parcel Pickup is not responsible for any damaged/missing items noticed after the parcel(s) have left our premises.

Yes, we do accept cards. When the total is under $10, a $1 service fee is applied. 

Yes, we require photo ID for the account holder and any authorized users when picking up a parcel.  This is to ensure that the package is given to the correct account holder. 

We do everything we can to accommodate our customers.  Please notify us right away by calling our store on your expected arrival time.

Parcels will be held up to 30 days at no additional charge.  Every 30 days after you will incur a $5 charge for each parcel that is not claimed.  Freight shipments must be picked up within 7 days of arrival. Parcels are disposed of after 90 days.

We do not accept deliveries of dangerous goods, flammable materials or illegal items.  US Customs & Border Protection as well as Canadian Customs are welcome at our facility at any time. 

No, it’s not required.  Once your parcel has arrived at our secure facility we record it by the name on the shipping label.  We suggest registering before shipping to allow you to receive an email notification when your parcel(s) have  arrived. 

You will need to have your receipt showing the purchase price of all items and their description.  Unfortunately, all parcels do not have the receipt included in the box/package.  We know that life can get hectic and we know how easy it is to forget things.  For your convenience we offer an iPad that you can sign into to retrieve your order confirmations through your email.  Printing your order confirmations are free of charge.

Yes, BUT they will need  to be added to your account as an authorized user prior to picking up.  You can do this by either calling or emailing us.  The person picking up on your behalf will need to show their ID.  We also suggest your authorized users to bring the product receipt for when they go through Canadian Customs.  If they did not bring the receipt we offer an iPad for them to access the receipt and print at our location.

Unfortunately, we receive hundreds of parcels each day and each parcel has to be registered into our system.  Once your parcel(s) have been entered in, you will receive an automatic email notifying you that your package is ready for pickup.  

Yes, there is a designated area with box cutters for your convenience. We will dispose of any leftover material (boxes or packaging) on your behalf for $1.00.

Once your parcel(s) have been checked into our system you will receive and automatic email that your parcel is ready for pickup.



SCC Parcel Pickup does not allow deliveries of any dangerous, flammable or illegal materials at any time.  The US Customs & Border Protection or Canadian Customs are welcomed at any time to inspect any and all goods located on our premises. Please be sure to have insurance on your purchases in the event there is damage during the shipping process.  We encourage all customers to inspect all parcels at our facility before departing.  Any damaged/ missing item(s) concerns must be made at the time of your pickup.  SCC Parcel Pickup is not responsible for any damaged/missing items noticed after the parcel(s) have left our premises.